Homeyfi my hard-wired awnings

I was wondering if I can get my two awnings into Homey via some particular switches. Currently they’re hardwired and controlled either manually or via two sensors (wind or wind and lux)
These are the controllers (Somfy). The upper one controls the sensors and both awnings. The other two are for each respective awning to control it manually and independently.

And advice what would work here?

There’s lots of Somfy going on here. Just curious, wasn’t any existing post of any use?

Let me check your link but I was looking around already but didn’t understand where to start and with what hardware wise. I also lack the proper understanding how the current hard-wired setup actually works…

A number of owners are happy with

Maybe it gets you going a bit

I’m not sure, but it looks like those bottom two might actually be wireless RTS switches rather than hardwired ones. If so, you’d be able to copy the signal using the Somfy RTS app on Homey and control the awning that way.

If it is fully hardwired, then using something like a Shelly 2.5 or the aforementioned Fibaro would be the best solution.

everything is hardwired I checked with the guy who set this up.
There’s one questions that bothers me: How can I keep the current sensor actions “wind” and “light”, they are linked to the topmost switch and move both awnings.
Ideally I’m able to switch these also remotely. If this is not possible I will need to have an additional light sensor, the wind sensor is a perfect backup anyway.

Most important: I’d like to keep the switches but this should be doable w/ Fibaro/Shelly, right?

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure how that would work with the sensors. It might be a good idea to remove the switch covers and see what the wiring situation looks like, both to see whether what you want is doable, and whether there’s even room to place a Shelly/Fibaro.

Yes, with fibaro it is, it’s in the manual:

In the Fibaro manual Light or Wind sensors aren’t mentioned. At the Shelly diagrams I couldn’t find that either. I don’t know how those sensors are connected, but maybe, they could be connected in parallel to the fibaro terminals. To be sure, I’ll need the wiring diagram of both switches, or open them up and show us the pictures, thanks in advance.

I found this manual for the switch Somfy Soliris Uno that drives the awning based on wind and lux. There’s a diagram on page 2.
I hope this helps a little …

For the other two manual switches, Somfy Smoove I need to figure out if they are really hardwired.

Thank you for looking into it.

YW! To me it looks like you can connect a fibaro or shelly without interfering with the sensors and they keep functioning

you mean to connect a smart switch (Fibaro/Shelly) to the sensors switch?
I thought to just use the wired sensors as a security backup for the wind and use the 2 Smooves underneath plus a light sensor to actually drive the two awnings, this way I can drive them separately. Does this make sense?
That’s the diagram for the Smoove, what do you think?


Don’t follow you… in the diagram in my reply you’d connect the fibaro/shelly to mains power and the up & down terminals of the physical switch.

sorry for being ambiguous. there are 3 switches. the top switch is connected to the sensors. the 2 underneath are not, they operate the awnings independently. After pondering with what you suggested I thought it’s easier and more flexible to automate the two switches and leave the top switch as is and as an automatic back up for high wind pullback. Makes sense?

I see this is an old posting, so maybe it’s solved.
But indeed don’t touch the upper switch, this is your safety mechanism in case of strong wind and rain.

Behind the the two lower switches I would use a Shelly 2.5, or the fibaro, but I don’t have experience with fibaro (they seem to be good too).
This way you can control “manually” the open and close state of the awnings, and build flows based on input of other sensors (temp in the house, weather forecast, …).
example: if temp in room is higher than 20° then close awnings

The Shelly (but probably fibaro too) has also some scene/flow capabilities build in (sun up/set, scheduling, …).

I sometimes combine scene/flow capabilities of Homey and Shelly, but it can give some conflicts.

This is how I would do it.

I was searching if you could capture the data, measure of wind speed of the Eolis. That is how I stumbled on this post.