Homeydash.com, a Homey dashboard

Hello, very new to Homey, so please bare with me. But when I try Homeydash I get the correct look in the web browser, however I cannot see any information related to my system?

It happens to me very often that i have to refresh the page several times to get a proper layout.

This is really nice, and using the favorites from Homey makes everything simple.

I have one wish that should be fairly easy:

The wall-mounted iPad and especially the wall mounted iPhone are unreadable at more than a meter or two distance, it would be great to be able to adjust sizes, either by a slider in the settings so that the heading and the icons are enlarged, or just use a layout that optimises the sizes to fit on the screen.

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People don’t seem to click on each and every button anymore :wink:


I am viewing homeydash on an old Ipad which does not support downloading of apps anymore, however I have chrome on it. And previous I could save my addres as a page on my Ipad to get rid of the address bar at the top, but now I cannot do that anymore it seems, anyone found out how to remove it and view the page fullscreen on pad?

i have the same, find any solution, can go to option but cant push save either, no favoruites, no temperatures, same in hobo-look @ homey

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But it still works with Safari?

Manage to find out, so answear if someone else in the future has the same problem, you cant just copy the token from console, you must click it then copy, its only showing like first 12 letters otherwise

Wouldn’t it be possible to create a real nice and flexible dashboard, using the Homey API?

If only I had programming skills… :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Hoi @DaneedeKruyff . Short Question. Is there a possibility to get ALL devices instead of the favorites?

I found the location where you build the devices (this code)

 homey.devices.getDevices().then(function(devices) {
        var favoriteDevices =	me.properties.favoriteDevices.map(function(deviceId){
          return devices[deviceId];
          return !!device;
          if(!device.ui) return false;
          //if(!device.ui.quickAction) return false;
          return true;

Will get ALL Devices, but the following code result in a error

var favoriteDevices = homey.devices.getDevices();

Can you push me in the right direction to show all devices?

Hi, Lost the flow tray on my homeydash dashboard, i only see my favorite devices. How can i get it back?

  • i use homeydash on a google nest hub 2nd gen.
  • I have the flows flagged as favorite in the correct user.
  • When i alter the broadcasted url to app.homey.ink… i do see the flows tray.
  • Read all the posts, googled it. no success yet.

When you mean with favorite flows favorite advanced flows: they weren’t and aren’t getting displayed (yet)

But I didn’t know they really are shown, when using app.homey.ink !

aah, thanks, that is the trick indeed. Yes, i see the Advanced flows via app.homey.ink. but not via the homeydash url. Thanks, now i know that i need to make the less advance :slight_smile:

I got it working.

Show Advanced favorite flows as well

When you run the homeydash locally, adjust this code from

      homey.flow.getFlows().then(function(flows) {
//        var favoriteFlows = me.properties.favoriteFlows.map(function(flowId){
//          return flows[flowId];
//        }).filter(function(flow){
//          return !!flow;
//        });
//        return renderFlows(favoriteFlows);
        return homey.flow.getAdvancedFlows()
          .catch(() => { return {} })
          .then(function (advancedFlows) {
            var favoriteFlows = me.properties.favoriteFlows.map(function (flowId) {
              return flows[flowId] || advancedFlows[flowId];
            }).filter(function (flow) {
              return !!flow;
            return renderFlows(favoriteFlows);

And no clue why, but adding athom-api.min.js code to the app/js folder locally makes it work

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i’m kinda new here but is homeydash automaticly updating the newest version? Got version 1.1.3 running now.

This thread started in May 2019 and it has 1057 posts.

In the posts 1 and 81 I found a menu to start to get a dashboard.
Maybe in the rest of the posts the are made changes in that because I get not the screens I see there.

Now you get the screen for Kobo Aura H2O and Kobo Aura HD.
Even if I try it on Windows 10 with Google Chrome and Firefox.

Read also parts that you can install Homey dash on your Homey itself with the App “Micro Web Server".
That’s for now s little to heavy.

Which posts have I to read here to get it like the the posts 1 and 81


Still looking carefully here to maybe used the Micro Web Server app.
So I try to get that token and that was not easy.
After found that I could not resist to put in to Word. :rofl: 298 characters.
It’s working direct on Homey.ink

Now try to find back how it further go’s with FileZilla and the Micro Web Server app.

Thanks alot!

Was struggling with this aswell and was about to give up, you made my day!

Just received my Homey Pro and in the stage of moving devices and units from my Homey bridge setup. I got the Homeydash up and running, but cannot get the sun up and down + weather forecast up and running in the Homeydash. I have installed the “open Weather” on the Homey Pro, and added location that seem to work. What am I missing?

Both weather forecast & sun events should be shown by default.

I think this might work:
Go to location settings, turn off ‘Automatically find location’
Move the map, to where the pointer is somewhere in an other timezone, f.i. move it to the U.S.
Now wait for a bit, go to Homey Developer Tools and look for “timezone”.
When it shows the other timezone for sure, go back to location settings, and move the map until the pionter is pointing to Homey’ location.
Don’t turn on ‘Automatically find location’!

BTW You can switch the dash language to Danish if you like. Hit the hamburger icon and pick your language: