Homey with fibaro switch "permanent on"

I am a user of fibaro switches in my homey system and I am very pleased with the possibilitys. However I have a question: is it possible to create a rule :“permanently on”.
I use motion detection in combination with time controlled on. when there is a motion detection its possible that one of my lights is switched off after for example 5 minutes, but in another flow he was programmed to be activated for a longer time.

With this small amount of detailed information it is not quite clear what you are asking exactly or what the problem really is.

  1. If it has to stay permanently on, why don’t you remove the fibaro switch?
  2. if it is a flow problem, adjust your flows accordingly.


printscreen1; this is the flow for time controlled switch on for 5 hours
printscreen 2; this is the flow for motion detection with switch the same light for 5 min. after detection
the first flow I would like to be able to choose not switch on, but switch permanently for 300 min or 5 hours.


Printscreen 1

printscreen 2

Hmm, not so easy. Maybe you can build in a time frame in the motion detection flow.

IF motion detected
AND time between 17:30/22:30 (the permanent time window)
THEN switch on x, y, z (and no off for the lights it concerns)
ELSE switch on x, y, z (and off after 5 mins for all lights)

Or maybe someone else has a better idea?

I would like to have the possibility to choose when I am creating a flow between “switch on” and “switch on permanent”

Ehm… “Switch on” is permanent until you switch it off again… And that is exactly what you do in another flow.
If permanent would be permanent, how can you switch it off later if necessary then?