Switching light on by .... much lumen

i want to use homey to switch light on by the neo coolcamon the amount of light. . and when it is 23.00 lights of unless there is motion detected. then after 23.00 and the motion has stoped for 2 min. lights of and saftey light on. but i have a light under the kitchen that i put on manual but i want that also to turn of with the normal light. now yhe fibaro switch switches off when the lights go on. can somebodey help me?
can homey read where the swich is? on of off? z wave comunicates but i can not get it to work.

sorry i am a novice and try to learn.

thanks. henk

Hello Henk. I don’t understand your question. Can you make your question somewhat clearer? If English is not your native language you can also ask your question in the Dutch Topic. Scroll to the bottem.

Lets first focus on your first question; switching on the lights when it’s getting dark, you can do that like this:

Then at 23:00 switch of the lights when there’s no movement:

And indeed just like the first reaction I don’t really get what your problem is with Fibaro and your kitchen light. Is the Fibaro already connected to the kitchen light? Did you connect the Fibaro already to Homey?

the problem with kichenlight was. in the flow switch on or off. is now okee.

the feed back from arnop helped a lot. now i hope i nailed it.

last one. with beeing at home through phone i have not tested.

maby some feedback?

Should work well however presence may not work as fast as you like especially upon leaving or coming home.
I also see that you use both lux and sunset to control switching on the lights. While this will work, it may just be sufficient to only use sunset.

There is a chance that your 1st flow will trigger after 23:00.
(Lightning, outdoor light that also brightens your kitchen, etc can result in triggering the “als helderheid veranderd” )
So I would advice to disable that flow when switching off the lights (23:00)
And enable it when the sun goes down (iso the and “after sundown”

I also do not know how long the status “after sundown” is active (until sunrise?, until 24:00?)
PS: you will finf disable flow in the flow actions

Some food for thought about your flow strategy…
1: do you also have a flow that switches off the lights after 23:00, in the case that motion was detected? And light where not switched off at 23:00
2: i see you 23:00 flow also switches of the a living room plug. I presume the motion detection is in the kitchen. What if you have not been in the kitchen at 23:00, do you still want to switch off the living plug?
3: how long does your motion detector stay in the status “ON”? Normally pretty short (lets say 3 min). So if you walked through the motion sensor the last time at 22:56, do you still want the lights to go off?