Homey Together

Introducing the next level of communication

Lockdowns around the world have taken their toll on people. That’s why today, we announce a radically new way of communication, using the environment you’re in the most: your home.

Since lockdowns started, people spend 150% more of their waking time at home – often alone or with the same select group of people, limiting communication possibilities.

Starting today, all Homey users can open up their homes for interaction. After installing Homey Together, you can share your unique link with others, allowing them to interact with your home, so that your mother, friend or any random guy who has your link can cheer you up.

Post your links in this thread!


Looking at the current date, I’m suspicious of all ‘news’… :upside_down_face:

Lol… surely this must be an April Fool’s … :laughing:

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Of course it is.
Athom has one every year…
Love it!

Anyone watching it on YouTube right now ?

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No i don’t dare, maybe you will be registered as a fool by Athom and will be disconnected on the second of April


Look at that positively. Publish your link and anyone can spam you. In Corona times you are open to any kind of entertainment.

Well, curious about your spam guys… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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People asked me if I could let them know if these messages really arrive.
Well… Yes!!
See below.

Too bad you can’t send anything back and don’t really know who send it…
Perhaps we should sign with our community names?


I plead guilty :raised_hands:

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