Homey stopped

Lights went out after 2 weeks of ok run,

Pulled the plug and added new powersupply.

Now all orange and no functionality?

Hi John, welcome to the community.

Have you had a closer look at the support document describing the LED ring?

Does this help you?

Homey Pro
Yes. It’s been working for a few weeks and suddenly goes black. Changing the powersupply made it active but is stays in orange…
Unplugging for 10 min and reconnecting made no difference

Did you use a new adapter, minimum 2,4A and minimum 5V. the higher the better. Less than 2,4A can damage Homey(unfortunately happened to me)

Not sure why it should be the higher te better…
Better a stable adapter than can provide 2 A than one that the power fluctuates but is specified for 2,4 A. And for the Voltage that should be stable 5 Volt NOT Higher!
QuickCharge can specify higher voltages (Up to 20 Volt) but is of no use as Homey doen not negotiate QuickCharge.

So keep it with a good USB charger that is specified for 5 Volt and preferably 2 A or more.

A normal Homey did not use more than ~ 1 A average when I measured

Both models are specified as 2A on the Athom Site.

Input: 100 - 240V • Output: 5V - 2A


I confirm this. 2.4A was my new adapter that worked fine, but is not the minimum. And i agree 5V is preferably.

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