Homey speech volume flow help

I want to set a different speech volume for night and day. I would start the flow with between 8am and 12pm but that option is not available.

So how would i start such a flow.


Trigger a flow on 8am to set the volume to X and start a flow on 12pm to set the volume to Y.

A flow triggers on events, so WHEN the time becomes 8am you can start een flow. When you whant start someting and let it ends on another time you have to trigger a new flow, in this case at 12am

In the flow that performs the speech, in the AND column, you place a Time card with “time is after 8:00”, (it ends automaticaly at 24:00 ) , in the THEN column comes the Day volume, under ELSE comes the Night volume.

So it’s not working still.
I have:

When…it is 00:05
And it is between 00:05 and 07:00
Then volume 50%
Else volume 100%

But i still find during the day the volume is still 50%

@Razzle why not make 2 flows like this:

When: time is 8.00am
Then: set volume to 100%

When: time is 0.00pm
Then: set volume to 50%

So 2 different flows

Thats not gonna work indeed. The flow wil only triggerd when its 00.05 hour. And its between 00.05-07.00 hour.

So it never wil go to 100%.

Just make 2 flows and your done