Homey speaks strange sentence randomly during the day

Lately my homey is saying a strange sentence randomly during the day.

I can only make up the last part of the sentence: something with something / some app is requesting the location.

I will put the sentence here below as much as i can understand and hear my homey:

“de internesioespatio vraagt uw locatie op” :joy:

Because i cannot look back in history which commands/ speech sentences homey played i cannot figure out where this is coming from…

i’ve tried disable location services of homey in settings (use home/away detection and find my location automatically)

anybody any idea…???

You probably can detect somthing with the next flow:

But probably the error is gone after a PTP (pull the plug for 15 minutes).

Good point! I will set it up like this. How simple. Didn’t thought of this one, thanks!

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Haha i found what Homey was saying… I had made an IFTTT recipe (old one which i forgot) to send the homey when the ISS station flew over my house.
And that text was in English and homey’s speech language was in dutch. The text was: “The international Space Station just passed over your location”

I would never found it with your perfect suggestion @JPe4619 :wink:

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