Homey setup on raspberry pi

I wonder! is it possible to get homey setup on raspberry pi? it is not possible to find a homey in Europe it looks like … should something happen to my homey what do I do then? a raspberry pi 4 has better processor and ram etc … this would have been the best solution as homey uses outdated raspberry pi circuit board

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Try and see if it works

I would see it as an opportunity

Unfortunately have no knowledge of programming like this, but assume that homey software is not open source? I have had 3 homey where one of them was short-circuited, another was bricked and the third I had to change the power adapter on … is not the best quality! therefore I ask if there is anyone out there who knows if it is possible?

If Homey software runs on a Homey Pro on a I.MX6 Som runs on the Cloud from AWS

I think as Athom has the code and knows how much work it will be to run it from a Raspberry PI.
Yes Homey self is not open source, so as long as you don’t have the code… Apply for a Job at Athom to get it done.

regarding defects:
Except for the ever failing Power Adapter that you can replace with many generic $15 USB adapters (or often much cheaper…) or get send an replacement from Athom on report to Athom support.

I only had one (1) hardware failure on almost 6 years over 4 Homey’s I own and a couple at friends and family and that Homey is replaced by them.
In general I do not see many Hardware defects reported.

and to correct,

Nope, Athom isn’t using a “raspberry pi circuit board”