Homey Pro with Fibaro FGS 224

Hi! I am completely new here and looking for some help before I waste a lot of money.

I would like to use the Homey Pro with several Fibaro FGS 224 to operate mit window shutters (not regular shutters but swing shutters).
The shutters itself have a separate control unit, which is wired to a pushbutton.
If I push the first button for a second, the shutters open. If I push the second button for a second, the shutters close.

Now I would like to replace the pushbutton against the Fibaro FGS224 Module.

For this, I need to use the Fibaro switch in this way:
OPEN SHUTTERS: FGS224 needs to close contact 1 for 1 second and then release it again

CLOSE SHUTTERS: FGS needs to close contact 2 for one second and open it again

Will this work with Homey?

Here you can find all the parameter settings for the Fibaro FGS224.

Thank you, I know this page.
For me it is more to understand, if I can set this up together with the Homey Pro (currently I don‘t have any experience with it beside the knowledge I got from videos and this platform).

Let’s say: If I purchase any zigbee or z wave switch : Can I program the Homey that it does the OPEN procedure (like described in my first posting) for all my shutters when pushing the button?
I push the button on the switch => Homey tells the FGS 224 => close q1 for one second, open q1 again

Has anyone a similar project with the FGS224 and can confirm that this will work?

I don’t have these devices, but what you want can be done, even with simple switch modules.
In a flow, you can switch it on and in the same flow, switch it off with a delay of 1 sec.

With the FGS224 you can set the output parameters to provide a pulse of 1 sec. so Homey has to send an ON, command only.