[Homey Pro] overview script

It means the app is disabled or crashed, a device can still report to Homey (what the dev tools shows) even when an APP is disabled or even completely non existent.

There isn’t an app for this.
It’s added through Homey’s way of Zigbee integration.

Then the only option will be to contact Athom with the bug and restart Homey to see if that fixes it.
I’m only retrieving the current state of devices, and if that device states it is unavailable, then it should be unavailable in your devices (Homey app or web app) too.

Yes. I will do that, but Athom takes over 3 weeks to reply now.
Don’t know what happened to their support :open_mouth:

v1.15 just released with just another small addition, all your insight entries, looks like I had way! more then I expected with 1358 different (“unique”) entries myself, even after a big clean-up :exploding_head:.


  • v1.15 (October 16, 2023):
    • Added: Insight entries (boolean (yes/no) & numbers)


Would it be possible to add a function like this:

“const showWifiDevices = true; // Names of all Wifi devices”


If there was something like that possible I would, but Homey has no way of knowing which device is WiFi/LAN, there is no specific flag for that or something. (at least not 1 that all developers have used)

Thank you Caseda for sharing this Homeyscript, much appreciated.

//delete notifications - clear timeline



How can I get the output of this overview sent to email or something else?
I would like to run this on weekly basis to check on devices.

For that the code would need a pretty big change, don’t think I have time to change (/make a variant) the code for that in the few upcoming weeks though.

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Yes, you could run it in the Homeyscript flow card “Run code and return text tag”;
Paste the script into the code field;
Change the final return line to:

return other + 'Other devices' + allDevices + 'Total devices';

(Not tested, but it’s the principle)

That flowcard provides for a local tag, which holds the data the script returned;

That tag can then be used in a message app card of your choice, like, ‘Email Sender’

It returns:

:leftwards_arrow_with_hook: Returned: “77Other devices99Total devices”

I’ve updated the script because of the new moods that Homey Pro (early 2023) now has.

But also the latest update for HomeyScript updates the used Homey API, and that has a very small change for the zigbee module (zigbee vs zigBee, see the difference? :wink:) which failed the zigbee part of the overview, so the script is now taking this into account that it will work on the older HomeyScript version as well as the new version.

In the mean time i’ve also added zone names as overview option (wanted the zones available for the Moods to make that overview more clear).
And also the image count (with URLs if you enable it).
the URLs overview will be only the latter part of the URL as the only full URL I can get is including the Cloud ID and I don’t want people sharing that, even if it is accidentally.


  • Fixed: New API uses zigbee vs zigBee, now taking this into account
  • Added: Zone names overview
  • Added: Moods (Homey Pro (early 2023) only, not available for the older Homey Pros (yet?))
  • Added: Images (Homey Pro (early 2023) only, missing scopes on the older Homey Pros)

still no option to get the output in a tag :frowning:

Cause it won’t be an option, it will be an entirely new script, as the amount of changes necessary it will be easier to start pretty much a new.
Not getting paid for it or anything, would do it out of the good of my heart, in my own free time, which I already lacked of the last 8/9 weeks.


If it helps I could donate some money for your time.

Schon mal ChatGPT gebeten das Script entsprechend anzupassen?
Meant to say: have you tried ChatGPT to get the script altered according your wish?

If you could please keep the conversation in English as much as possible, then more people will be able to participate. If you would rather not or can’t communicate in English then please check out Non-English boards/categories:

Deutsch (German)

But feel free to try it with ChatGPT or any other large language model “AI” (that doesn’t know the currently used API version).

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Sorry a second time. Just tried the PC version of ChatGPT 3.5. It wasn’t easy to make it understand what it should do. It provided on every try interesting solution snippets. Couldn’t get it to deliver a complete one. Some snippets did work well, some not so.