Homey Pro for Australia

Is there a Homey Pro model for the Australian Z-wave frequency and if not, are there plans to offer one and when?

Thanks Rus

As far as I am aware the pro is not currently available, but could be made available based upon demand. But that information is very out of date.

@Bram is there any update on when we will see the Homey Pro?

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Homey Pro is currently „in stock“:

Homey pro is only in stock for European frequency ranges as the z-wave chip is different, for example Australia/New Zealand.
Don’t think the demand is high enough for the other hardware options yet.

They’ve asked for and order of minimum 300 units of Homey Pro in order to fit the AUS/NZ z-wave chip.

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I’ve just started looking at Homey in NZ and wonder if the Pro is available for Aus/NZ. I was also wondering if I purchase directly from homey so they ship the A/NZ model based in the selected country for shipping?

Any help greatly appreciated.

No, unfortunately according with Athom’s owner @Emile we are too small market to justify financially a Homey Pro fitted with our z-wave frequency chip.
And if you choose AUS/NZ as shipping country it will kick you back.

If you buy one from other sources e.g. amazon.de and have someone from Europe ship it to NZ, then you can use it except the z-wave protocol since such Homey will have the EU frequency.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Definitely want a-wave so what about the standard Homey? Is that all good to buy for NZ ?
I see there’s one reseller in Aus but they don’t have stock anyway.

You can only buy a normal Homey and not a Pro with z-wave freq for our region (AUS/NZ)

I think that Homey is a good by for our region, perhaps a better buy here then else where given the alternatives.

You can buy directly from Athom if your local reseller hasnt got stock - and it should automatically send you the one with the right Zwave chip :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice. I found it is now available at the Aus reseller, with a free Aeotec sensor thrown in.

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who is the AUS supplier???


Any update on Homey Pro for Australia?? With increasing demand for home automation solutions due to our National Disability Insurance Scheme, a system like Homey which is easily customised, configurable and user managed would be ideal!! I need one for my daughter’s home.

Too little demand to justify it. At least that’s what Athom’s boss man told few of us.

Best is to write them support@athom.com

Perhaps Athom need to take more interest in getting Homey known in the Oz market? Get its potential raised in some areas and hit up a larger retail network? Who is the Oz distributor and are they interested in developing this? Or are they just hiding it: some distributors get distribution to stop an item developing in a market because they have other products they prefer to champion and make better margins on. Most smart home installers I’ve approached here are pushing Control4 because they make $$$$.