Homey Pro (early 2023) paid backup, should I have it?

If you want full control, use local backups.

Cloud backups can’t be used to restore previous app versions or a previous firmware version, a restore will always install the latest version of an app and the latest version of Homey’s firmware.

You can disable automatic backups, and make backups manually when you need to.

Of course i know about the possibility of manually local backups. But these are cumbersome and time-consuming, because Athom does not allow an easy access via network. You have to turn off Homey and fiddle with cables and PC. At least if you want to have regular backups.

Apparently, regular backups are useful, otherwise Athom would not offer a cloud backup.

You can jailbreak your Homey and back up any data you want over SSH.

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Yep, but are the config files and firmware images of co-procesors just on /USER ?

And how to trigger a config restore of zigbee and z-wave?

Guess it will not be easy.

I never said it would be easy, but it does provide you with full control. And you can make a local backup with everything once a week (or so) and back up data (apps, configs, databases) daily.

By “manual” I meant that you can disable daily backup in mobile app settings, and make a backup whenever you want (in the cloud) by manually tapping button on mobile app.

That works

Is it correctly understood that if you have selected automatic backup, Homey will daily store a new backup every day for 7 days at the same time as it deletes the oldest of the previously stored backup files?
If an error occurs and, as mentioned, you cannot access the stored 1-7 day old backup files, will all the valid backup files be overwritten within a week with the last faulty backup? Since Homey currently only responds to requests after 2-3 weeks, will all your valid backups be deleted?

“Homey’s last 7 backups are stored in the cloud”

That answers all your questions.

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It confirms that if an error occurs that is not detected within 7 days, you cannot access a valid backup the following week!

Correct. So if you’re going on holiday: turn off automatic updates of firmware and apps, turn off automatic backups, make a single backup, and done.

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As I said before, I expect much more from a paid service. I should not have to think about “if” “then”. I should be able to access my backups as I want and I should be able to restore from any point in time.

In its current form it should be free and then there should be an advanced backup that was paid.

I would argue that the current backup is more of a “snapshot”, not a backup.