Homey Pro (Early 2023) missing Speech - Speech Alternatives

Would it be possible to write an bluetooth app that connects to a speaker using AD2P?

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Not with the current Homey Apps SDKs - or Athom should create that in Homey Pro Core or enable more options in the SDKs

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And that is why it should have an audio out… (still a bit flabbergasted that is does not have it)
Time outs on clouds, wifi, account verification etc, makes it that you have to keep doing stuff to let it work. That is exactly why i do not use cloud based devices and everything is directly connected to the Homey. And guess what… it is super stable. Almost boring.

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Personally I really need the new network chip… The current homey has serious issues with my tp link mesh system… hoping that the new chip will solve this and otherwise I am happy to go wired…

The alexa function I just learned about is already great for me… I can now send audio to different rooms which is great.

Bit alas, that works for me because I happy with my alexa setup…

Of which btw I can say that they work together with Homey in a great way, and: super stable !

(Ofcourse this does mean that I have sold my soul to Jeff Bezos…)

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I know that some other automation systems use text to audiostream (some online service). the audiofile (stream url) can then be send to a network player that can play from URLs.


You can do this with the Google Services app.

hi Arie,

Thank you for your input.
There are people who do no have, or don’t want, to make use of Google or Alexa services (privacy).

Best regards