Homey Pro (Early 2023) missing Speech - Speech Alternatives

Why are you sending this ? This app makes it possible to add devices discovered by alexa to homey… it has nothing to do with voice capabilities…

What does the card “Your alexa device will say… what to say, 250 letters.”
This is a THEN card off the Ecobee 4.

Install the Alexa app from Jamie.
To clarify, they app sllows you to start alexa routines and use speak features and more. I use routines for my announvements, on alexa uou create a routine that holds the announcement to all my relevant devices and use jamies app yo trigger it when my washingmachine is done. But it also support direct speech from a device.

A solution for the missing speaker will be very nice. I’m using the soundboard app for some things that cannot be fixed by using a Google home speaker. Also, those streaming devices having some delay wich is not usable in every case.


Thats a smart solution…

Inspiring also… I think it should also be possible to use an ifttt trigger in combination with voice monkey…. Well, that solves one issue :slight_smile:

Now for the migration :wink:

As a “then” card I only have a “reconnect” option… nothing to start an alexa routine…

I was under the impression you wanted alexa to talk using Homey

You didn’t even take look, did you?
Screenshot from 2022-10-13 22-55-08
Screenshot from 2022-10-13 22-54-53
Screenshot from 2022-10-13 22-54-33
Screenshot from 2022-10-13 22-53-53

Add an Echo device first, the routine trigger is linked to the Echo devices.

Sure I did and it was not obvious to me, got some helpfull feedback and I get it now.

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Got it !

I did not get that I needed to add n individual alexa like a device.

This actually solves part of my issue.

Voice also works great, the app has a lot of nice functionalities. @Jamie are you planning to update to SDK 3?

That wouls really solve the “speaker not available issue” (at least for me) and will even increase functionality… at the moment i am only making homey talk, now I understand I can make alexa talk that can really improve my flows !

Ofcourse then the app should be working on the new pro…

Also kind of think of this as a type of core functionality ? I could also imagine Athom takes it onboard as an “experiment” ?

Yeah it works great, still has some issues with Alexa disconnecting every now and then, so have a flow to try to reconnect and if not send a notification. Also it’s great to select which room a notification will be played in, it can stream music etc. So far it’s still SDK2, so lets hope @Jamie will update it to SDK3 :pray:

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I’m also dependant on the speaker. Feels a bit stupid to keep the old one around just for the speaker. I don’t want a Google Home, or Amazon Alexa in the house. Call me paranoid, I just don’t trust my privacy with these companies. I do have a Apple Homepod mini (yes I know, but I rather have something from a hardware company that publicly is privacy minded than an advertisement company. Besides, we all have iPhones, so adding a Homepod did not matter either). But after some research it seems that I can not let the Homepod Talk by Homey (unless I relay something with a mac which I do not have). So the only other option I have is a Sonos speaker?

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I guess so… … By the way: I understand and get your issue on alexa / google… I do my utmost to fence them in :wink:

No, see: [Vote] Feature App: Homesh: Connect Pro 2023 to Old Homey Pro for Led, Speaker, Zwave(satellite) and network resource

Would it be possible to write an bluetooth app that connects to a speaker using AD2P?

Not with the current Homey Apps SDKs - or Athom should create that in Homey Pro Core or enable more options in the SDKs

And that is why it should have an audio out… (still a bit flabbergasted that is does not have it)
Time outs on clouds, wifi, account verification etc, makes it that you have to keep doing stuff to let it work. That is exactly why i do not use cloud based devices and everything is directly connected to the Homey. And guess what… it is super stable. Almost boring.

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Personally I really need the new network chip… The current homey has serious issues with my tp link mesh system… hoping that the new chip will solve this and otherwise I am happy to go wired…

The alexa function I just learned about is already great for me… I can now send audio to different rooms which is great.

Bit alas, that works for me because I happy with my alexa setup…

Of which btw I can say that they work together with Homey in a great way, and: super stable !

(Ofcourse this does mean that I have sold my soul to Jeff Bezos…)

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