Homey Pro (Early 2023) - Community Order Tracker

Received email for verifying email adres today. Ordernumber is #753**

preparing to ship your order #717xx

I received today the mail „Your Homey Pro will ship soon“. Order #706xx

same mail here


Same here for order number 757xx (to NL).

Happy! Coming soon now, pfff…

My order number is #5697xx and was made in 3rd of May 2023. I’m from Romania. I’m a little bit concerned when I see your undelivered orders with 76k. Hope the numbers are random or categorized, otherwise in 2years I will received mine :slight_smile:

My OrderID has 6 digits… 78XXXX, when in try to put it in the form, i just get a error…


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When did you order? My orderID has 77XXXX


Are you a new customer at homey?

No - i own a 2019 with Advanced Flows.

Mine too, with 66xxx1, therefore I couldn’t fill in the form

how long will it take for #461xxx to be finished when around #76000 is currently being delivered?

Sounds like delivery time in 2025 :see_no_evil:

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I also have #461xxx. I placed the order in late April. At that time it was expected to be delivered in May. I now doubt that it will be delivered before August or September.

But if you currently order, you should receive it in June according to the site.
They might be just a bit optimistic about shipments.
I have a late April order starting with 427xxx

I don’t know when to expect my delivery: I have order number ##776xxx. Have they sold threequarter of a million devices? Good business.

Has anyone received a shipping notification for 7xxxx and above? Last week, an e-mail was received for address confirmation, but no shipping information was received.

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No shipping yet, just the address verification.