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Hello everyone,

Nigel_Scott, has been suspended from the community forums for violation of our community guidelines. Specifically, they made a personal attack on another member in this thread.

We take these types of violations very seriously, as our community is built on mutual respect and constructive discussion. Personal attacks are not only hurtful to the individual targeted, but they also detract from the positive environment that we strive to maintain.

So, lets get this thread back on topic, which is tracking of the homey orders


Wouw Nigel that is quite a lot, but it was written that when we ordered that all clearing costs would be ours! Even the local distributors will cope with these fees, unfortunately it’s a real business of extra taxe income for non EU countries !

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So tired of this. Just got this prealert message on my DHL tracking info to Sweden.

Electronic Data Exchange Was Successful But Parcel Could Be Delayed or Returned Due To No Recipient Phone Was Provided

I got the same message and the package was delivered to a pick-up-point. I could track it in the Mina Paket appen and got a notification from it when it arrived. Not sure if they would have tried to deliver it home if they had the phone number or not.

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My UK order for Homey Pro + Ethernet adapter is due for delivery on Monday and has a charge of £73.04. (~€83). Either I pay this in advance or the item is returned to Athom. I paid full store list price including VAT to Athom. UPS say Athom’s shipment documentation is incorrect however Athom should be able to refund this cost which is mostly VAT.

Athom… who should I progress this with?

@xAPPO please create a support ticket here.

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Oh no! I think the universe is plotting against me.

Ohh Joseph, sorry to hear this! But keep your fingers crossed! I should get mine delivered today by UPS :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Envoyé de mon iPhone

still no progress for mine. How hard can it be to sent something in the EU? Iḿ doing it almost every week from NL to SE without problems.

Today I have received an email as follows:

“We have already shipped individual orders, up until order no. #58300. This week we expect to ship orders between #58301 and #61981. Newer orders are expected to ship around the beginning of April. The remaining orders and orders placed today or later are expected at the end of April.”

We must to be patient :slight_smile:

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Yes got my precious in today :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Perfect packeting and presentation! Bravo



Be aware that your address is visible on the last photo.

Thanks Colydon