[Homey Pro (Early 2023)] App unsupported list

Ah, indeed, didn’t check the description…so sorry I got confused. Yet, would be great to have SSH on Homey 2019 Pro as well - but you probably got it, right

Any news/ updates about the ring app ?

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From the Neo coolcam app is a test version that is SDKv3 compatible. It seems only for firmware v10.0.0, so only the ones that already have the new Homey pro 2023 can try it.


FYI, thanks to the great work of @Martin_Verbeek , Google TTS has been rewritten to the SDK3. If you prefer to use version from Martin, you can go already to the HCS and install it - Homey Community Store (please note it will get installed as new app and you will have to redo your flows).

Original version might get updated by original author (Dennie) somewhere in the future - Issues · denniedegroot/com.google.tts · GitHub SDK3 compliant, fixed some issues, compose setup, new images by dudz40 · Pull Request #38 · denniedegroot/com.google.tts · GitHub , he is however not active here on the forum.

Btw by rewrite, Martin also added functionality to avoid sound on muted speakers :wink:

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The Ring app by @denniedegroot has just been transferred to me, So I can tell you it will be updated to SDK3 and Homey Pro Early 2023.

Thanks go out to Dennie for starting with this app and maintaining for all these years and now giving me the opportunity to maintain it.

That said, focus for me will now first be to get Heimdall working as everybody is used to on their current Homey’s. It turned out that on the new Homey Pro Early 2023 there have been some changes under the hood that first need to be ironed out before (speaking for me) at least Heimdall has the same functionality on it. Also, with the knowledge gained from that experience it will be lot easier to rewrite the Ring app to SDK3.


Great to hear and thank you

Waiting paitiently

Great news :+1::partying_face:

I have just published an update for ONVIF, so that is now working on HP2023.
As far as I can see, all my other apps are also working on HP2023.


What was the cause for it not working before the now test update?
as the app was already SDKv3.

I had an absolute path to a library. Also, the call to get the MAC address takes considerably longer in the new Homey, so the discovery time was too short and had to be extended.

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BeNext is updated to SDK3 and in test now:


I have just updated the Xbox console companion App to SDK3 and submitted a Pull Request (and i was allready in contact about it with the dev).

For me it worked perfectly with a fresh install on the HP2023, searched and found device, and the rest worked as well.

Now @kaoh can hopefully submit it to the store for tests.


Thanks or the help @Arie_J_Godschalk, that version (with some other librarie updates) has been released to test as 0.5.1 So at least it can move to the supported list :slight_smile:

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Is there perhaps a developer who wants to port the Mi-light app from Athom to sdk3. Athom doesn’t feel the need to do it. They ask or require the developers to transfer all their apps to sdk3 while they don’t do it themselves while many users have bought a homey because Mi-light was supported by Athom. And now they’re letting it go.

The mi-light app was abandond a long time ago, the app doesn’t even support the ibox bridges nor the newer zigbee (miboxer) variant(s).
The amount of dissatisfied app users in that app’s review is big too.
So it was kind of expected to not be updated by Athom themselves.

Looking for testers for the Ring app.
I’ve posted the first SDK3 version of the app to my Github.

Unfortunately I can’t test everything in the app because I simply don’t have all devices. I’ve tested it myself with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 and a Ring Chime (V1)

So, if yo have (a) Ring Device(s) and feel comfortable installing an app via the CLI please try it out! If you do, please let me know which device you’ve tested and anything you find out of the ordinary.

Followup, remarks, questions, test results; please use this thread on slack:


@DaneedeKruyff i will give it a try. I have to find out again how to install CLI, but one question: can I run both apps side by side or must I remove the old one?

When installing from CLI it will ‘update’ the running Ring app same as when there is a new version in the app store. When done testeing you can go to the app store and reinstall the stable version again.

(But please use the slack thread for followup messages)

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I wonder why at the moment quite a lot of apps are updated for the HP2023, even though these apps were compatible before.
Can someone briefly explain this to me in normal, none IT words?

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The Homey Web API has been updated. The old HP2019 used the HomeyAPIV2. The Homey Pro 2023 uses the HomeyAPIV3, and there are some breaking changes.

Additionally, because the new Homey Pro 2023 creates app instances internally using Docker, the file paths for places like the /userdata/ folder, where, for example, custom icons are saved, have changed. As a result, apps that used absolute paths broke.