Homey Pro and Alexa

I am having problems connecting Homey Pro 2023 to several apps within Homey. Homey takes me to the website to login. I log on and it says it was successful but Homey app just spins saying it is connecting but never does.

I have the same issue with the Honeywell/Resideo app.

The other issue is it is not recognizing Aqara devices. It linked them as Zigbee but says thatbyhe devices disconnected. I purchased an M2 hub hoping that would resolve the problem but the Homey app does not even show the M2 hub in its list.

Welcome to the Homey community. You’ll find lots of fellow users here willing to help but they will only be able to do that if you provide a lot more specific details. My advice would be to pick your highest priority issue to solve with a specific app, then post in detail about that specific issue on the forum topic for that app. Make sure to cover exactly what you were trying to achieve, what you were expecting to happen, what actually happened, what you’ve tried so far to resolve the issue.