Homey Multi-User and their individual App Accounts

got my brandnew Homey Pro yesterday, was playing around with the homey beta app for a while …
Got a question for you guys:

Consider my homey pro setup finished (for now) and invited my family members to use it as well - here is the thing: If they create a flow with lets say a Spotify card they will always use my account thus using my playlists and such - how can one add their specific spotify account (or any other service) and not share in on the owners account?

It would be up to the Spotify app in this case to link to multiple accounts and give you the option to pick one in a card. But not many apps I know have that possibility, including Spotify.

It is not that strange too, as most flows run in Homey without any link to a user, unless you start them from the app. And integrations are hard enough for one account, let alone multiple.

Some apps allow you to create a device er person and link an account to that device, such as CallMeBot. But as said, that is rare.

Even in Google Home integration there’s just one account linked, and Google Home recognizing other users is more a pain than it is a solution, as Google routines and Homey favorite flows are personal. In most cases it is better that Google does not recognise another user when operating Homey, otherwise you’d have to setup routines and favorite flows per person.

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