Homey Keynote

Athom is being, lets put it mildly, liberal with the truth. They claim the same amount of supported devices as Homey Pro. And they suggest that all things wifi will work. But that is really far from the truth. A huge number if wifi devices communicate with Homey over the local network and wont be able to be easily ported as they suggest

They claim you can start home automation for free, but with just 5 devices that are already controllable cloud based? Which devices would that be then?


Would it have costed them much more for USB C? Athom always seem to be behind when it comes to hardware

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Yes I know, Shelly has the blue icon in the app store so I assume this is a verified developer?

Correct, but that doesn’t make it is automatically an App that is compatible with cq should be available on Homey Cloud. That is not an requirement to become Verified Developer.
That was what you assumed…

The current Shelly app only works locally.

In fact, there’s already a version of the Shelly app that works with Homey Cloud. Kudos to its developer!

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Devices like which already are cloud connected like Tado, Philips Hue (if you have their bridge) etc.

Oh boy…
Where did you find that?

Homey Pro will still be local

It is on the developer page:

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Oef, I wonder how that will pan out…

Hey all! I’ve created a post with a FAQ about our announcement. This should clear some things up.


Thanks! Maybe adding it also to the keynote Youtube is an option?


A Q I didn’t find here (sorry if I missed it):

When a cloud / bridge user decides to upgrade to a Pro, which is a real scenario I think:

Is there a way to migrate the existing flows for instance? (I have no clue how many hours I put in all my flows, but to do it all over again… rather not).

Or is it possible to create a one off backup, which can be restored on the Pro?

+1 if the paired bridge devices can be migrated too, but I can imagine that’s a bridge too far and not possible.


If an app cannot have custom settings it will also mean a lot of tools apps that designed to make automation easier are also not easily supported.

e.g. Heimdahl is not useable if all settings need to be exactly right at pairing and can then never be changed without deleting the paired device and destroying related flows.

That is not helping starting users. I guess most users will discover they need more within a month will either quit or move to Homey Pro. I assume Athom counts on the latter.

I wonder if “utility apps” (apps that don’t provide actual device support) will be allowed to run in the Cloud at all.

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There’s no migration tool (yet) afaik. Some flowcards have different code ID’s… it’s not 1 on 1, or ‘the same with less possibilities’
Migration to a Pro at the moment is “Start all over again”. Nice.

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The answer: nope

Yes!!! Heimdall isn’t in Tools!

oh, wait,… No settings page, no app to app communication…


there was a comment that the cloud controlled bridge would be impressively fast, im guessing you would need to be in the EU for that? down in the southern half of the world, the latency might be a bit bigger… and how do they achieve the always connected, how much data will be constantly being sent to the cloud… not everyone has unlimited 1Gig connections

Afaik it runs on amazon servers. The amount of it’s general data usage will be published somewhere someday I expect.
(I’m not recommending to install this app then…)
From what you write, I can only say, consider a Pro with zigbee / z-wave / local wifi devices. In theory it can run offline.