Homey indoor siren on battery

Hey! I have been searching the forum regarding this topic. Sadly most of them have different specs or are not what I need help with.

So I have been looking at more sirens alredy, both Aeotec and Netatmo. From my point of view Netatmo is the best, but sadly not working with Homey.

I need a siren that runs on battery and are working properly with homey. I need to be able set it up with flow for both fire detector and also dor/window sensor

Btw I also have a Tp-link camera I cant connect as they are not suported. I have still tried with Onviz app, as some have made it work with that app. I find there also, i just cant connect it. Probably because te port is different on tp cameras.

Thank you!

Hi Kenneth, welcome,

Please ask for support in the dedicated Onvif app topic, I’m sure it is solvable, when the TPlink cam supports the Onvif protocol ofc.

When that combo does not exist, just make a dumb battery powered siren smart with, say, a Shelly UNI. It’s a tiny WiFi relay and supported by Homey.