Homey factory reset fails


Because back-ups keeps failing after after multiple conversations I had with Homey support, I want to perform a back up restore (through factory reset) to see if this fixes the problem.

I followed the steps in this topic . Everything works as planned till step 5. The following step is grayed out and stays grayed out after connecting to Homey through WiFi.

Any suggestions?

First hit “Connect” (to HomeySetup) when it pops up.
And use Firefox browser


Thx for answering. I did homey setup appears when I’m connected to WiFi but when I connect to homey directly, I can’t click next as showed above. Maybe I miss what you mean.

This should work…

Wow, that did the trick. Athom advises Chrome, but as it seems, the installation/setup wizard only works in Firefox. Thanks a lot!

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Hi Peter,

Any advice when I can’t pass the update step? I choose the option to not install updates, because it was hanging on the step en then the only screen I see is: Please wait… (url: Homey Setup)