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Homey do not scan for devices (skips the scanning/pairing part)

When trying to add new devices like Nexa or KlikAanKlikUit Homey jumps directly to where you should test if the pairing was successful. Doesn’t actually leave any time for the actual scanning or pairing.
Homey rebooted and left without power for 24 hrs. It used to work…

See screen recording here:

Any ideas how I can solve this?
Huge thank you in advance!

You selected generate a signal. Select copy a remote.

I had the same problem. Ik first paired a remote and then copy the remote to Homey.
That worked with me.

Thanks guys. I was under the impression that Homey could generate a signal to a device in pairing mode.
However, I managed to find an old remote.

Thanks for your help!