Homey Devices and Usability - Easy to very Complex (Nerdy)

Yeah. Or not.
This is a home product and I use it as a consumer.
If Homey is a nerd only product, demanding that you must use hours to read every post on the Internet in order to keep it running as expected, there should be a ”For geeks only” label on it.
I didn’t find one on mine.
Is there a recommendation in the Shelly app for static IP? If, so I have missed that.

So, now you started to realize it comes down to a bad case of RTFM, you just keep on pointing fingers.

I can tell you this, from the many Homey apps, this Shelly app really has one of the clearest and most extended howto’s, FAQ and troubleshoot forum sections.


Remarks like this make it very difficult for community developers to keep on providing app updates and support for free.


I already thought about replying my reaction below to this from Peter before the other (Latest) reactions where this thread went verry off-topic. Realizing that, I think there is still a valid discussion but that again isn’t a discussion for the [APP][Pro&Cloud] Shelly Topic.

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”For geeks only” label on it, I didn’t find one on mine.

Correct, but there is a sort of Usability Label on every product,
To categorize A = verry Simple to N = Verry Complex (Nerdy)

It is hidden behind the Price Tag. :wink:
And surprisingly it often is inversely proportional to the Price in it’s category of devices.

To show you:

  • Category A = Very Easy
    – Homey Pro isn’t cheap, but pretty simple to use in it self;

  • Category B = pretty Easy to C = Easy
    – Z-wave devices (Often with Official Apps, but also Community Apps), often simple to connect;
    – Zigbee devices (fe IKEA Trådfri)
    – Many Athom official Apps, HUE using the Bridge,
    – Cloud Connected with nice API Authorizations (fe NetAtmo and many others)

  • Category N = Very Complex (Nerdy)
    – Devices, often cheap / verry affordable and often widely available in supermarkets etc.
    but either No official integration and sometimes needs a Developer Account (like Tuya) or custom (Hacked) Access using Tokens, sometime needs Fixed IP to get it stable

Lucky Homey still provides the option to have Category N connected, Nice for the nerds and many are happy to Help here on the community.

But as we often Say: Cheap is Expensive…

Moved out of the Shelly Topic.

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The answer is NO, static IP can be set in your router, not in an App.

I give my own WiFi devices a fixed ip address as much as possible.
Then an app or program has mostly no trouble finding the devices used after e.g. a reboot or a power failure of the router and all the devices get a new ip by DHCP.