Homey Community App Store


I am trying to install the community store, but I get stuck on login.
I log in to my account, select the account I have - And then I get this error message:


Can anyone provide assistance?

You need to download and install Homey Community Space



Thanks, that did it.

App keeps crashing on repeat when I try to install SmartThings 2. I am logged in - Any suggestions?

This topic is about the community store itself.
You’d best go to SmartThings2 topic:

I don’t think he means the SmartThings app keeps crashing but the HCS app keeps crashing when he installs the app.

Oh okay, indeed you can read it that way as well, Adrian. Maybe @JoeMama can elaborate a bit :wink:

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Sorry about that. HCS keeps crashing, while trying to install SmartThings. I’ve uninstalled HCS for now, might give it another go with a fresh install at some point.

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There was a problem with the auth server. I’m currently replacing it with another. After I’m done please create a new account and download the new apps



But there’s some maintenance going on atm, as explained above your post.

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I’m new to Homey and have been trying to install the Community App without success. Is it offline, or will it be back at some point? Or am I doing something wrong?"


Just read the previous posts

And you need homeycommunity.space


I did a restart off my homey, now I can not restart the app?

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The same problem !

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I have got an new Homey Pro and I really need the Unz-cure app.
I have read all the posts above but I have some problemts.
I can’t sign in to Homey Community Space.

When I trying to log in on the Homey with the desktop app it only go back to Authorize.
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You can download that app here

and install it with the CLI install method.


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You can download that app here


GitHub - EDelsman/nl.delsman.unz-cure: This is an app for the Homey home…

This is an app for the Homey home automation platform that allows z-wave devices to be added unsecure. - EDelsman/nl.delsman.unz-cure

and install it with the CLI install method.

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For me same situation :frowning:

Last night the Homey Community Space app has crashed (on my Homey Proi 2019), all of a sudden. I can’t imagine for what reason.

After restarting the app, it immediately crashes.

Anybody else? Any suggestions for the reasons? First action restarting the Homey?

FYI you don’t need the app when you’re not installing anything, I have it disabled.

Here, the app “unexpectedly stops” when I want to login.
That’s because the authentication system is still w.i.p.
That system has to be fixed and running again, to prevent the app from crashing / stopping.