Homey Community App Store

So you have a source for this change? The only reason I started the community store is because they kept rejecting my LG WebOS app as it would compete with their own and would be ‘too complex for users’ due to having more functionality.

No source, but some of my apps.

  • HomeAssistant: I just asked Emile on Slack and got the OK to publish the community app in addition to Athoms app.
  • Yamaha: New SDK3 version in addition to the old one.

Also technical settings like IP and ports are handled less strict.
I think since HomeyPro is the nerd version compared to HomeyCloud, it’s easier for us to publish such apps.


My SmartThings app was rejected again a few months back. The reason was it is too complicated to setup because of creating tokens within the SmartThings system.

Note: My Mercedes Me app is just as hard to setup, but that was accepted a long time ago. Not sure if it’s coincidence but Athom don’t have an app for Mercedes :wink:

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Funny, Google Services was approved first time it submitted it.
While it requires quite some work to get a token, enter creditcard (while its still free, CC is required to enter in google), setup a project etc. GS is not easy to setup.

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Any comment and planning on progress with Athom?

Hope HCS is working soon again :wink:

Just an idea:
Do we all need to file support tickets to Athom to ask for higher priority?

Yes I had contact with Athom, we still need to use the api credentials from the cli. I would not prefer this, but at the moment it’s the only way. Now I know this I can finalize it, I think a release will be there tomorrow or the day after


I have tried to run the app from the CLI, however I get the following error messages:
30 verbose stack Error: missing: lodash@^4.17.21, required by com.smartthings@2.0.10
30 verbose stack missing: nodemailer@^6.7.7, required by com.smartthings@2.0.10
30 verbose stack at LS.ls (/usr/local/lib/node_modules/npm/lib/ls.js:214:9)
31 verbose cwd /Users/rstroot/Documents/Homey/com.smartthings-master
32 verbose Darwin 22.5.0
33 verbose argv “/usr/local/bin/node” “/usr/local/bin/npm” “ls” “–parseable” “–all” “–only=prod”
34 verbose node v16.6.0
35 verbose npm v7.19.1
36 error code ELSPROBLEMS
37 error missing: lodash@^4.17.21, required by com.smartthings@2.0.10
37 error missing: nodemailer@^6.7.7, required by com.smartthings@2.0.10
38 verbose exit 1

Any idea how these can be resolved?

run npm update from the CLI and the install the app.

ping :blush:

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