Homey CLI CI/CD publising


I am looking into automating my Homey app publishing process using a CI/CD pipeline in Azure DevOps

The main challenge I’ve encountered is automating the homey login step. As you might know, the standard login process is interactive and requires navigating to a URL and then logging in on the web page. This interactive step doesn’t lend itself well to the automated nature of CI/CD pipelines.

Are there any supported methods for non-interactive authentication with the Homey CLI that I might have missed? Perhaps something using API tokens, service accounts, or other mechanisms that are more CI/CD friendly?

Thanks for the help!


We have the same problem.

Trying to automate a build in the pipeline so we can publish to our acceptance device one a merge request is merged. Having the same problem with authentication :frowning:

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I also have the same issue, we would like to automate our application building for testing and also optimize the code that is shipped so it does not include development dependencies.

Does anyone know if we can send a feature request for this to Homey?

I looked into the CLI tool, but it seems like there’s no way at the moment.

It either opens the URL and uses the token automatically, or you need to open the page manually and have a way to add the token in the CLI interactively which will not work for a pipeline. :frowning:

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