Homey Bridge + Premium + Aqara -> devices in Alexa not found (German Alexa in Sweden) 🇸🇪 (Problem with region?) HJÄLP/HELP/HILFE

Dear community, (please see also EDIT no.2 )

I am a newbi in Homey and I have a question. Today I acquired a Homey Bridge + Premium in order to build Zigbee bridge for my Alexa environment. Currently the core of my HA is Alexa and I want to keep using this but I need Zigbee to implement Switches for my routines. I want to start some routines and actions with buttons instead of voice control.

I got Aqara Wireless mini Switches which I had been added to Homey via the Homey/Aqara App, they appear in the Homey app. After this, I wanted to add these switches into Alexa. For this I had activated the Homey Skill in Alexa, connected to the Athom/Homey account, after Alexa searched for devices but couldn’t find any new devices.

Now my questions:

  1. Why where my currently new added homey devices not found in Alexa
  2. Is Homey Brigde + Premium any good for this setup , maybe better to return the Homey Bridge and buy the Aqara M2 Hub to achieve my golas?

Thanks in advanced


EDIT 16/01/2024

To make my problem even more complicated.

I live in Sweden and use a German Amazon Alexa Account (due to compatibility), might that be a problem that the Zigbee/Aqara devices integrated in Homey Bridge/Cloud are not appearing in Alexa?

EDIT 16/01/2024 :exclamation:

I found out that another device from INNR is working correctly in Alexa, so it seems that the AQARA MINI SWITCH is not working correctly in Alexa. What could I do??

What you don’t mention, did you enable Alexa @ Homey

Thanks, Yes as mentioned I activated the HOMEY skill in Alexa in order to add devices. The Aqara devices were not found, though INNR plugs appeared correctly.

So, the Homey ↔ Alexa connection works OK.

Are the Aqara’s push buttons, or on/off switches?
Because, with the Google Home environment, push buttons are not supported, whilst on/off switches are → it seems that’s also the case with Alexa?
Did you check which devices are supported by Alexa?