Homey Bridge not activated

I have a strange issue, not sure where the problem is.
When installing the bridge it all works fine, it finds it and installs it. No problems.

However (now I have to translate from Swedish so might not be exactly same sentence in English), when accessing the bring in the app I get a message like “Your device is performing well, however you can’t control it.”.

When connecting to Google Nest I connect the account in Google Home. No problems. However I can’t configure it in Homey app. When reaching page More → Setting → Google Assistant I only get a page informing that I can connect to google with a button leading to instruction page how to connect. When asking Google Assistant to synchronize with devices I get information that it finds Homey but “One or several devices aren’t accessable and I need to reconfigure the set up again”.

What’s wrong?

Nothing wrong here, fe a transmitter like a on/off switch can’t be controlled only the on/off button once pressed will trigger a flow. (When Card).

Same for the bridge. It functions as antenna or as IR transmitter in your Home. But you can’t change anything (except the LED ring but only from settings or from a flow action)

What devices can’t you see in GH that are in Homey? (and would you expect to be Managed thru GH)

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I get that response too for a few years now (Homey Pro 2019), and I never could find anything that didn’t work. It’s a lame Google prank I think :stuck_out_tongue::sweat_smile:

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