Homey bridge keeps red led ring on

The last couple of weeks I saw the red led ring sometimes on for a short period and after a while it went off. I have disabled the led ring so no leds on in general. Today the red led ring was on again and is still on for more than 5 hours. The first 3 weeks since I have the bridge this never happens so it looks like something has changed which could cause this. The red led is an indicator that wifi connection is lost. The bridge is in my living room and so are several other devices that use wifi. These devices never indicated a lost wifi connection while the red led ring is flashing.
To stop the red led ring flashing after 5 hours I switched off the bridge and after a while switched it on. This solves the problem, no red led ring on now.

I wonder if other users have the same problem and found a solution. If not I shall report this as a problem.

This info is also valid for Homey bridge:

I see the red ring on occasions, probably because I use BLE as well and I think that is a known problem. But I haven’t seen it staying on for more than a few minutes.
I do however see a white ring for extended periods and Homey says the bridge is offline.

My WiFi bands are split over different SSID to ensure my bridge and Pro don’t have issues with the 5g so check the link @Peter_Kawa refers to.