Homey Bridge Flows and Every minutes


Anybody found out if there is a possibility to use something like “Every 30 Min” in the Flow for Homey Bridge? I cannot find it by default “When” section.

The Bridge seems to be very limited in the Flows section.


That one is not possible, also should not be necessary as the conditions that you check should also have a trigger that makes it possible to trigger on.


Don’t know how to trigger something on every x minutes. I cannot find such things on the Homey Bridge, please explain if I miss something out.


Can you show us the flow with another trigger ?


IF: Date&Time Every x [minute][hour]…

Rem: This is from Homey-Pro, not sure if this exists on Homey-bridge.

I know how that looks like, I am using a Homey Pro for almost 6 years, but as said,
That trigger is not available on Homey!

Available on Homey:

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You can start with a Homey (without bridge) for 0.00 €
Just register for an invite. :wink:


It’s “funny” the “every x” trigger isn’t available, but slightly logical tho in terms of cloud computers (what if everyone started to use “every 1s” triggers).

But what do you want to accomplish? Many times there are more roads leading to Rome :crazy_face:

For “Every 30 mins” you could use
“the time is 7AM”
Do X
And then…
Do X, delayed by 30mins
And then…
Do X, delayed by 60mins
And then…
Do X, delayed by 90mins
…and so on…


“the time is 7AM”
Do X

the “do X action was started”
Do X, delayed by 30mins

Not pretty, but just another infamous workaround™

What if all user want to start every xx min. You get bursts at the hour, at every half at every 15 min… etc.

My solution would be not to try to use a every xx minutes trigger. But if you know what conditions you check, you could trigger on them.


Thanks for the input. What I’m trying to achieve is to start my poolpump once every hour and let it run for 15 min. Thats all :slight_smile: But I guess I need to create 24 Flows for that.

Correct, this is one of the usecases where that trigger would be the only valid solituon but for the bridge this is option is missing. You could try to create a feature request for this.

As a user, I don’t necessarily assume that “every 15 minutes” means “at :00, :15, :30, :45”, that’s just how Athom seems to have implemented it on Homey.

Besides that, if you offer a cloud-based home automation platform and start leaving out quite common automation features because you fear it will negatively impact your platform, it sounds to me like moving everything to the cloud might not have been the best decision. Also, users shouldn’t have to deal with implementation details.

I agree I would like a different / more flexible / better implementation in both Homey Pro as one the supports that in Homey. But I don’t expect the same functionality in Homey as in a dedicated Hardware solution as Homey Pro. Due to many factors differences could be in some fe limitations.

Leaving out something is just for Athom defining of what they think is for most of their consumers a MVP to release as a Beta or first version. Just wait of ask maybe this feature is also on their list.

I don’t think so, a cloud could bring a comparable platform with different performance/limitations/flexibility. It is up to the supplier and the customers to decide if this is acceptable for the cost of the product.
If you want more Performance and more flexibility than Homey Pro you need to find developers that work for free or do it yourself. For Maximum local processing and performance Homey Pro is what Athom offers and with a couple of limitations they offer Homey in the cloud for only 2,99 € a month.

The current Homey Pro Firmware and App are also an evolution where many features are added over the last almost 6 years. They also cleaned up some old triggers that are not necessary anymore in the cloud implementation.
I certainly hope this isn’t the final state, a every x time interval trigger in Homey and in Pro with some additional options (optimized for Cloud) would be nice. fe offset in minutes from the hour.
Different characteristics/limitations between Homey and Pro are no problem imho.

Correct but expecting the same functionality for a complete other prize isn’t real either. Different products can all have their own characteristics. At this moment in Beta we know that option is not available.
We probably only know it will be possible in Homey when Athom announces availability of the new feature.

I requested the Flow as to many times I have seen every xx seconds flows that just check multiple conditions while triggering on the change of the condition probably would have been a better solution.

Idea / workaround™:
4 flows will do, by creating a loop:

  1. Start

  1. On

  1. Off

  1. Stop (also Flow 2-4 gets halted)

Log (I used seconds instead of minutes)

Note Delayed flowcards get lost after a Homey reboot. Not sure if a network / internet hickup for the cloud Homey causes the same.
I suggest you provide for some check to see if the pump actually has run the last X hours.

All in all, these “tricks” bomb the Athom idea to keep Homey cloud simple and for non-techies. They just made it harder to achieve a simple scheduled device.

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I tested a workaround, where a flow started at a certain time and then is repeated every X minutes. It seemed to work and only one flow is needed. Then if you need to stop it for some reason, you can enable or disable the flow.

Here’s with the pump frequency.

Nice clean solution that fits my purpose Kala :slight_smile: