Homey beta IOS Shelly 2.5 shutter

This is my first post, I am currently trying the new beta Homey on IOS, I tried to add one of my Shelly 2.5 relay that acts as a roller shutter,

My problem is after adding the device to Homey app it is been recognized as 2 relays not as
a roller shutter.

Any advice will be highly appreciated

Searching the Shelly thread might be a good start:

Thank you for the clarification, but even if I buy the new homey bridge it will not do the job, but the homey pro will do?


Correct, you need Homey Pro.

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I will contact them, but meanwhile y do not you as a company contact them, since this issue defeats the brilliant idea of the new homey bridge

I’m not a company, I’m a community member like all other people here.

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So, you are Onwer of the new Homey App? Because in your first reply you said My app!!
I thought this beta project belongs to the Homey company.

No, I don’t own the Homey app, or the Shelly app. I also don’t say “My app”, @Phuturist (who is the owner, or at least the developer, of the Shelly app) wrote that. And “Homey” is the product, not the company (that’s called “Athom”).

Thank you very much ,I just noticed there is a difference in the picture , I’m very sorry for the misunderstanding :slightly_smiling_face:

I really apologize

No problem! :blush:

I am the developer of the Shelly app but also not a company. I develop it on behalf of Allterco Robotics. Not supporting the roller shutter on their Integrator API is a economical choice as most people control their devices either locally (for instance with Homey Pro) or through their own Cloud (smartphone app). The cloud-2-cloud integration has only been added recently and not all devices are already supported. The more people will request support for more devices, the more likely they are going to be supported.

I fail to understand how missing support of one particular device completely defeats the purpose of an entire product for cloud control over lot’s of other devices. Athom (the company behind Homey) has no control over the way other companies like Allterco Robotics decide to enable cloud-to-cloud control of their devices. Perhaps you can elaborate on what defeats this brilliant idea?

Thank you for your response , and I really do appreciate the effort behind the new Homey app.

what I have understood from the introduction’s keynote of the new homey hub, they want it be easy and for everyone, and to be the one place and one app to manage all your smart home devices, I really like the idea. It is great

I’m new to the Homey , I am coming from Home assistant experience , and you know better than me you can control the Shelly shutter from within the HA app , the new concept of having one hub with all wireless antennas (zwave, zigbee, etc…) is fantastic, even Nabu Cassa company starts to introduce the same concept with the new yellow HA box

Please I do not want to be misunderstood, I am not criticizing the product, in the contrary I am enthusiastic about it.

What I’m understood even If I have the new Homey hub I will not be able to control my Shelly roller shutter.

I was thinking of replacing my HA installation with the new Hub.

So I started with the devices that do not relay on zigbee or zwave, the one that I have with Wi-Fi is happened to be the Shelly shutter :slight_smile:

Again please accept my apology for not explained myself in good words

For now that is correct. You can see which Shelly devices are currently supported on the app page.

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I asked Allterco Robotics myself as well about this. The work that needs to be done is not all that much and they are trying to squeeze it in a future update. So might not take too long before this is supported.

I found this topic in my search for the solution to use my shelly 2.5 as a roller shutter in homey beta.

In want to inform you i’m also waiting for an update to make this feature work.

Thanks in advance.