Shelly data update problem and more

hi, I have several Shelly sensors, they work fine through the app but once inserted in Homey, they cause me problems. The 3 temperature and humidity sensors do not update the data, they are stopped for days ago, while the Shelly 2.5 that manages the shutters, does not see it as a roller shutter, what should I do? he adds but the gas sensor doesn’t work either!

Are you using Homey or Homey Pro?

And have you read the troubleshoot guide from the support topic?

And it sounds like you added the Shelly 2.5 as relay instead of roller shutters (which is not supported on Homey Cloud).

I am using Homey Bridge, I have read several guides, the Shelly 2.5 works well with Shelly and Alexa apps, inserted in the Homey Bridge system does not see it as Rolling Shutter

Ok, here is the deal.

  • The Shelly 2.5 as roller shutter is not supported by the Shelly Integrator API which is used for communication with Homey Cloud/Bridge. You have added it as relay but that is not going to work. If you want support for the rollershutter you should contact Allterco Robotics (the company behind Shelly) and ask for “support for the Shelly 2.5 as rollershutter in the Shelly Integrator API”.
  • I think the H&T sensors should work. Do you still have them connected to the Shelly cloud? That is needed for the status updates to be sent.
  • Could you explain your issue with the Shelly Gas device? Saying it doesnt work it too little info.

The h & ts are regularly connected to the cloud and work well with the Shelly app, inside Homey it gives me the values ​​of the day I added them, it never updates in any way. While the gas sensor never reads the value it seems as if it is disconnected or not recognized

How are you able to install Shelly Gas on the Homey bridge. Just noticed it’s not supported as well. Are you sure you have the Homey bridge (hockey puck style) or do you have Homey Pro (white ball)?

Bridge Homey

And as what device have you added the Shelly Gas sensor? I dont even think this is a Shelly device in the screenshot you posted. There is no Shelly Gas device available on the Homey bridge.

And could you post the output of http://ashellyhtipaddress/status where you replace it with the IP address of one of your Shelly H&T sensors.