Homey app in split screen

Hi, a relatively new Homey user here. With my previous home automation system (Cozify) I had a a sort of a dashboard in an android tablet with a split screen in a landscape mode: cozify app on one side, weather app on the other.

With Homey using the same setup there is a problem with wrapping the tiles to new rows in Grid mode. Below I have thirteen devices on the Favorites, half of them are hidden behind the split. It should show four rows total. Horizontal swiping does nothing.

I’ve tried this with several Samsung phones and tablets. The problem occurs with android 9 and 10 in landscape mode. With Android 11 and 12 (and also IpadOS 15.x) this works nicely.

Ofcourse I’d rather repurpose older android 10 tablets for this use than current daily workhorses. Any ideas?


this is a Community forum. Athom doesn’t provide product support here.
As this seems to be a layout issue in the mobile app, you should open a support ticket at:

Thanks, I’ll do that.