Homey app driver with z-wave Z-Wave Alliance ID

I’m new in Homey app development and when I tried to add the new driver to my app that supports z-wave the cli asks for Z-Wave Alliance ID:
Do you have a Z-Wave Alliance ID? This ID is four digits, found in the URL at https://products.z-wavealliance.org/
and I have spent hours trying to find where I can get this info with no success, even in the examples in Homey documents, they mentioned these parameters manufacturerId, productTypeId, and productId. but no clear idea where I can find this info, I need help to figure out this point, please

Check the 4 digit numerical code in theZ-wave alliance URL

Hi, can you plz send me a screenshot where is this number in that url, a lot of info but can’t find a 4 digits number

now I got it thanks for tips :wink:

As Homey document regarding zwave driver :slight_smile:
Tell Homey your driver supports a Z-Wave device by adding a zwave object to your driver manifest. To create a driver for a Z-Wave device you need to know the following properties of the device:

  • manufacturerId

  • productTypeId

  • productId

To find out your device’s IDs, pair it as a Basic Z-Wave Device. After successfully pairing you can find these values in the device settings. All Z-Wave devices are paired using the built-in Z-Wave pair wizard. Upon pairing a Z-Wave device, an App will be selected if all three IDs match.

any clear example or document how we can do this step??