Homey Alexa Skill - Delays in response

So I’m about my 4th week in Homey. I’ve come to the conclusion that the delays I’m experiencing relates to the Alexa Integration via the Homey Skill. My finding is if Alexa voice control is not used for a long period, it seems to idle the connection somehow causing a delay of 10 or so seconds. It’s either idling or the Homey Servers have response or latency issues (which seems to be happening on a daily basis, so I’m not inclined to think it’s the servers)

You’ll see the blue circular Alexa ring thinking and two things will happen 1) Alexa will say “ sorry device is not responding, then then device will successfully activate after that, OR 2) after a long Alexa blue ring circling, the device will eventually activate.

If I were to activate a device or scene after a long period using the Homey App - there is no delay.

Is anybody experiencing similar issues with regards to Alexa voice control?

Yes and no.
I do not see that big delays but get the odd response now and then regardless.