Homey 1.5 - can I still login locally?

hi all,
I’m still (happy) on Homey 1.5, but now I would like to add a device and was wondering if I could still login to Homey via browser. I remember there was some ‘user hack’ by using some kind of ID or something, but if I go to the browser IP i get a unhappy chrome icon with ’ my.athom.com ’s server IP address could not be found.’

The old app ‘1.3.4 build 71’ still works fine but can’t add devices there.


ps. yes upgrading maybe, but I’m sure I would need to open walls to re-connect devices, etcetc

You should login to your Homey Local with the URL with the bearer token.
but expect it will not be able to update Apps.
you should only be able to add devices in your current Apps.

Updating Homey should keep most devices, don’t expect that you need to open the walls. but that would always be a risk also for not updating.

yes, that bearer token, that rings a bell… any idea HOW to figure that part out? (IP i know ;))