HomeKit/ Ring doorbell

Hey looking for some help, pushing a ring doorbell to HomeKit via homeykit and it only shows as a motion sensor. Is there another app or a setting.


It depends on the device class and its capabilities if HomeyKit is able to recognise it properly.

To find out, go here: Homey Developer Tools

Then find your device and tell me its class and which capabilities are defined for it.

It says sensor, but in homey I can view as a camera

If the Ring app says it’s a sensor, then HomeyKit doesn’t know any better.

You’d have to ask the app developer why they didn’t choose for the doorbell class:

The doorbell is defined as a sensor and uses alarm_generic for the ‘doorbell ring’ functionality. It also uses alarm_motion for it’s motion sensing (obviously :wink: )

That doesn’t translate well to HomeKit, which expects a device class doorbell (with alarm_generic), so to get it working it would require creating a virtual device of the correct class and with the correct capability.