HomeKit not working with iOS 16.2

It seems with iOS 16.2 beta Apple has update HomeKit and experimental homey HomeKit it does not work anymore (nor HomeKit app by Klep)
Have you experienced the same issue?

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Do you use a Home hub (iPad, Apple TV, Homepod)?

I found with iOS 16 in general that it doesn’t like it when the Home hub is running an older version of iPadOS.

Hi Robert.

Homeykit stopped working after installing iOS 16.2 beta and doing the new architecture of HomeKit.

I have updated all home hubs with the latest betas as well (Apple TVs).

No, it doesn’t matter.

That’s a pity :frowning: I think in general homebridge is broken.

I don’t run iOS beta’s so we’ll have to see how this works out.

Also, I seem to remember that upgrading Home to the new architecture is optional. If that’s the case, and you want HomeyKit to keep working, don’t.

I’m now also reading a bit more about this: apparently, you can upgrade your Home to the new architecture and everything (including Homebridge, and by extension hopefully HomeyKit as well) should keep on working, but once you upgraded, all your iOS devices need to run the latest iOS beta or it will not work on those devices.

After upgrading there’s no way to come back.
Upgrading to matter, in general, should provide benefit.

All my devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, HomePods and AppleTV) are upgraded with the last 16.2 beta

Did you upgrade to the new HomeKit architecture in 16.2?

It’s optional, but I was planning to do that (immediately, once 16.2 final is out - because it improves performance, there should be less errors about devices not responding), so I’m glad you’re bringing this up!

Hope there’s an easy fix…

At least for some people, Homebridge still works after upgrading to the new architecture, and since HomeyKit uses the same underlying libraries, I’m not sure why it doesn’t work anymore (although HomeyKit at the moment uses an older version of those libraries, but I’m looking at upgrading them ASAP).

@Francesco_Falconi you can try to do a reset from the HomeyKit app settings page, see if that brings it back to life again.

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Just Done,
Same problem, all my 29 devices not responding :frowning:

Do you know how to run Homey apps from the command line? I can push a version of the app that will use the latest libraries, but before I publish it as a test version on the App Store I’d like to know if it works (it works for me, but I’m not running 16.2).

Nope. Is there any guide to understand how to do it?

I don’t think so, but it’s probably too involved if you’re not already set up for it (it requires running Node.js on your machine).

Have a look here:

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I’ve followed the step here [HOW TO] CLI install method and arrived at the point " For running app:
I think I need your app?

Yes, you do :slight_smile: I will push a test branch with the latest libraries to Github tomorrow and I’ll post instructions on how you can download it.

I have a couple devices running through homebridge as well. Those are working fine after the upgrade to 16.2 beta and the new homekit architecture.

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I pushed a branch containing the latest version of hap-nodejs.

To install this, first make sure that you have the correct setup to install Homey app using the command line: [HOW TO] CLI install method


Keep the terminal window open as long as the app should run. It will probably output a lot of text and hopefully not crash (if it does, please post the text of the terminal console either here or on Github).

It may be required to reset the app, which you can do from the App Settings (either in the Homey app or through the developer page). After you’ve reset the app, stop it (by pressing Ctrl-C) and start it again.

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Yes, installed and it works :slight_smile:

So pls publish :slight_smile:


Excellent news!

Thank you for testing this for everyone, @Francesco_Falconi.

(Good to know I can upgrade my HomeKit architecture, once iOS 16.2 is out and Robert has released an App update)