I am struggling with the Homeify app and the control of Comforttemp 880 termostats. Anyone else having issues?

Typically struggle with connecting to the Bluetooth devices, and temperature inputs form Homey do not get applied to the termostats.

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Did you solve it this issue? Have the same problem.

Got a reply from the developers today:

Unfortunately some of Homey HW has problem with Bluetooth. Athom is trying to solve it. We cannot do anything. You can track progress here

BLE - Connection problem · Issue #245 · athombv/homey-apps-sdk-issues · GitHub

This is the same problem for EcoControl app too :frowning:

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I am having the same issue, any updates?

Hi Mustafa, welcome,

A little hint: try to read a bit before asking :wink:

When you happen to own a Pro 2023:
This topic is about Homey Pro 201x


Hi Peter,
I know this is an old thread but i am having the same issue so its strange.
Thanks for feedback!

Yeah, for 201x Homey’s Ble is a bit ‘unstable’ for certain devices unfortunately. From what I’ve read it’s not rock solid yet on the Pro 2023.
With el-cheapo Beacons and Xiaomi flower sensors I have no issues at all.