Home theater integration


I would like to have a touch screen in my home theater which will control the following equipment and also be integrated with Homey:

  • Marantz SR8012
  • Oppo Blu-ray player
  • Optoma UHD projector
  • Z-wave light in the cinema
  • Zigbee light in the cinema

I see that Crestron have a “Home theater” solution with a touch screen, but I can’t find that Homey has any integration.

What do other users here do?


There are a few options that come to mind… The HomeyDash App is very nice as an interface for Homey on a tablet or iPad.

The Logitech Harmony Remotes (with hub) are really nice too (although a bit expensive) - these can be used with the Homey Harmony Hub App. Smartphones, tablets and voice assistants are great for instigating activities, scenes and devices (“Movie time”, “Watch Netflix”, “Watch TV”, 'Dim the lights", etc), however I am a little old school in the sense I still like to have a traditional remote control as well (it is just so quick & easy to feel the tactile buttons in the dark for control etc).

I will check it out. Thanks!

I recently bought zebronic home theatres that comes with Marantz SR8012, Oppo Blu-ray player, but I don’t know how to integrate exactly with athom.