Home security with Homey (creating an Alarm)

Hi, all the Z-Wave door/window sensors don’t seem to work on Homey, have not tested the Neo yet as it has no tamper alarm, but now considering the Xiaomi’s and switching to Zigbee.

But…, I see Xiaomi has two different kind of door/window sensors. Is it true that both of them cannot be screwed and need to be taped? I have terrible experiences with gluing anything. Had a fibaro smoke sensor glued to a smooth ceiling with doube sided tape that should be able to hold 5kg, fell into pieces about a month later. I don’t want my sensor or the magnet to fall off that easy, especially with small kids smashing the doors.

Do they also, like the Neo, don’t have the tamper alert? For door/window sensors that seems to be something we would want.


I used round about 20 Z-Wave door/window sensors on homey. Fibaro/Devolo/Philio/Sensative
And everything is fine. Which issues did you have with the sensors?

I have some Zwave Aeotec Recessed Door sensors and have no problems with them (other than the battery consumption) No tamper alarm needed as these are inside the door and only accessible when the door is open.

The Aeotec Sensor 7 missed a lot of open/close events to Homey even when it was very close to it, after a day it stopped sending events at all. Changed the battery for a new one, did not change anything.

The sabotage alert also never went away. Wrote Athom support about it and Homey can’t use the S2 protocol that this Aeotec is using, that could perhaps explain.

Wanted to try the Fibaro, but it looked about identical to the Aeotec, but also had a magnet that could only be glued, so I tried the Vision Security sensor instead. Could bind it to Homey, but the device had an exclamation mark afterwards and only indicated “Invalid_CommandClass_Command_Class_Sensor_Binary”, so returned those as well.

The Neo’s seem to be fine in stability and connection, but miss the tamper alert. The sensitive strip perhaps also works, but irreplaceable battery and also no tamper alert.

How long do those batteries last? Our front door will probably open/close about 10 times a day minimum. Cause it will probably be a bit more work to replace them as well?

I’m thinking about giving the Neo’s a try and forget about the tamper alert. The door/window sensors are a nice “first alert” and help you remind to close everything, but they also don’t detect anyone breaking the window so we got motion detectors as a second line of defense :slight_smile:

Believe me, aqara tapes hold like a hell. You will have problem to take it off. Unlike fibaro door sensor 2 that fall off after few days with original tape.

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On average about half a year, winter a bit shorter summer a bit longer (when used on an outside door). Replacing the battery is loosing 2 screws and opening the sensor, takes 5 minutes.

Tnx. Nice to know that good clue also seems to exist. I’m now trying some of those NEO’s, but why don’t those manufacturers come up with a standard on where they put the holes? Needed to drill new again so perhaps reconsidering tape is not a bad idea. The Neo’s are working great so far with immediate response to Homey every time. I’m going to try some of those recessed door sensors as well.

These are great for testing… (and in some places the test ends up quite permanent) easy to stick, easy to remove.

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Hi. I’ve been reading with attention to this thread and I’m curious how in the end your alarm system looks like in sensors matters.
I’m going through the same path as you :slightly_smiling_face:
I would like to know which motion sensor, in the end, looked a better fit and if you had any siren coupled to your system?
Did you try Domoticz connected with Homey?


Hi, it’s working reasonably well, but still far from optimal. I ended up using the Neo CoolCam door sensors. They lack a sabotage alarm, but work quite some time on a single battery and are sem-reliable. I still have too many times that Heimdall is noticing me that a door or window is not closed when arming while it is. It seems like sometimes the opening or closing command does not reach Homey, even when it is 2 meter next to it. Because it does not query the state more often, it will only be fixed when opening/closing the door or window again.

For motion detection I’m using the Aeotec 6 in 1. I have those installed with two batteries, but they drain them very quickly, have to replace them every 4-5 months. I’m also not that happy with the motion detection range, they start detecting you wen you are within about 3 meters. No false alarms though.

I never found any replacement for the glass breaking module or a way to detect jamming. I did use the siren from Vision Security. Not sure about that one. It works every time I start / stop it from Homey itself, but it seems to fail when being triggered from the alarm flow.

I also have an issue with Google TTS. On a alarm I use that to keep notifying me about any movement accross sensors, so it tells what is triggered over all of the Google devices, but it crashes pretty quickly so that is also not optimal yet.

But it is great to easily arm/disarm and get push notifications. Heimdal is great, could not use Homey as an alarm without it.

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