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Home office lights challenge

Hi there,

at my home office i have a single power outlet in the ceiling where I have connected two fluorescent lamp on. What I would like is to control them both seperatly with Homey. In the current sitation there is one light switch that controls them both.

Are there zwave switched that are capable of doing this? Would that be possible with a single FIBARO DOUBLE SWITCH ( the name would suggest it but I don’t know for sure). Or are there any cheaper devices?

Imho the cheapest will be to extend the outlet to two sockets, plug in 2 Neo Coolcam plugs in which you put lights. Then switch on the wall switch permanently and control them by the Coolcam plugs.
That is, if the first step is possible of course.

Did some more thinking… Als long as you have 1 switch and 1 socket, the Fibaro won’t help either. You must have at least 2 separate sockets for the lamps or cut off their wires and connect them directly to the Fibaro. In which case it would be less troublesome and cheaper to try the first suggestion.

This is the current situation:

It’s hard to see but there are two wires going out of that point to two separate lights.

Do you have multiple back wires in to the switch or just one wire.

This is giving you the answer. 2 wires you can use a double switch, 1 wire its not possible ( or just create a aditional black wire)

@Jeroen_Somhorst Cheap? Sonoff double or Shelly-2