Home Assistant Device appears as wrong type?

Did you remove the app or just disable it?

I don’t recall, I think disable, but it doesn’t exist now in the restored backup… (I’ve just watched all the apps populate after reboot and it’s not there, tho homey crashes after it’s loaded the list)

Ah yes, HCS apps don’t get installed when you restore a backup (backups don’t contain actual apps, only a reference to which official apps were installed, and those will be installed again after a restore).

But your issue isn’t with HCS, there’s something else wrong with your Homey. Power supply would be my first guess, if you haven’t already replaced it.

I replaced the power supply a month or so ago (as I had issues) and that solved it then

I’m trying to install the community store in the middle of it’s reboot cycles and see if that might help something - suspicion is that there are remnants of the one of the apps that it tried and failed to install causing an error, but that’s pure guess

There’s no way to see the boot logs is there?

Edit: interesting… Managed to get the HCS and the two apps that wouldn’t install before installed… and, so far, seems to have got it out of the endless reboot cycle (tho I will give it time!!)

There’s no such thing. Even if there was, the HCS can’t fix that.

No, no useful logs whatsoever.

FWIW, can’t hurt to try another power supply.

Well I seem to have got into a new state of stability through reinstalling HCS and the two apps that I tried. No idea why that would work but :man_shrugging:t2:

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Hello there.

I have some aqara water sensors connected on my home assistant.

If I use athom Hass, it detects a single sensor with the battery/devicetemperarure/state

With Hass app from community store, i have to add up to 3 cardboard on my Homey to get all the info, one for (wet/dry) info, another for battery, and one other for device temperature…

Is there a way around this?

Use the Athom Hass app I would say?

The app from athom, i can add switch’s I have integrated on Hass, from sonoff…

The problem is i can actually control them on Homey if i press the tile it will toggle on/off, but i can’t send commands on flows, to turn on or off, can’t understand why :man_shrugging:
They don’t even appear as an option in the “then” part of a flow.

However Hass app from community store, can do these, that’s why I’m sticking with it for now.

I get it. It is a real shame the Athom app overwrites the HCS app (and vice versa). Otherwise you could consider using both apps.
Luckily the devices for the individual apps stay untouched, so you don’t lose everything.

A bit more complicated @Ricardo_Nunes :
With the MQTT apps Hub and Client, you can create a MQTT device from the MQTT Hub app.
You can add a ‘light’ with OnOff capability;

The topics and messages needed can be discovered by installing MQTT Explorer, and then operating the Sonoff in your HA environment.

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That’s one of a few minimal-effort Athom apps so they can say that Homey supports HA.

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Mzz I just replaced HCS app with Athom’s.
I added a light and these are the available When cards:

And the Then cards:

This is a Tuya relay which operates a light, it works.
The device tile itself can’t be operated :man_facepalming: (missing capability listener: onoff.0)

Where did you look for the Athom HA flowcards?

I had installed Hass athom app…
I imported from my home assistant a aqara water leak sensor, and a sonoff Mini “switch”

When making a flow, the sensor is alright, if “the water alarm turn on”

It’s alright

But with the sonoff if i try to make a flow, if…and… Then ↔️ I go to my home the room where I have my sonoff and it does not appear there or anywhere else…
It’s like it doesn’t exist…
Doesn’t gets me any cards for that device…

However the water leak sensor, i have cards available related with the device enteties, like water alarm, battery etc…

Aren’t any Sonoff flow cards available when you select the Home Assistant app when adding a card?

No, I’ve got 6 devices from home assistant in my Homey.

3 aqara w.leak
1 Ikea outlet
2 Sonoff Mini

Has you can see none of them show in the flow cards, not even the app appears…but if it’s showing for you, i can’t understand what is wrong here …

That’s odd indeed. I can only think of disabling & enabling the app,
or install the app again (without removing it prior to that),
or restart Homey,
or pull the power plug for 11 minutes…

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