Høiax Connected smart water heaters

Worked like a charm. Now it’s off to the optician to find out how I did not spot the “Repair” option in the right-click menu earlier…

Thanks :smile:

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Does this app always control the heater? Or can I let the myUplink app control it? I just want it in homey for monitoring with homey insights for now. Is this possible? Once I added the heater to homey in myUplink said the heater was externally controlled

Markus Voss

You can use the app for just monitoring if you want.
The app changes the “controlling unit” to “external” when you connect the water heater the first time only, but if you change the parameter to something else afterwards the setting will not be changed back to “external” again.

Thanks for the quick reply! :+1:

Device goes offline. Tried repair, works for a little while, then error again. Using myuplink beta app.

Hi. I have 2 heaters. One 200 and one 300. There seems to be some kind of bug where the temperature setting on one is set to both.
Here is an example:

The temperature is updated every hour. But then 10 minutes later it’s updated to the setting of the other heater. The update is «by Høiax» and not “by flow” in the log for the device.

@Are_Arseth Your name sounds familiar, but it has been a few years since we might have met. :slight_smile:

Interesting case, I don’t think the app was ever tested with 2 devices.

You might however be interested in testing the myUplink app instead as this app is going to be deprecated once the myUplink app goes public. (though, as @cscheiene reported above, the latest test version seems to have introduced a new bug that should be fixed shortly) The myUplink app has been tested with 2 devices so it should work (once the new bug has been fixed).

Yes it has been a few years :smile: I wasn’t sure you was the same Frode!

I’ll take a look at the myUplink app!

Si hei til Knut på jobben, han kjenner meg fra Nordic :wink:

Device in myuplink beta app not working after latest update. Not able to repair or add new device.

I think it should be working again now, please try again :slight_smile:

Yes, works now

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Hi @frodeheg ,

just a quick question: do you know if the Hoiax water heater can poll its own power use more often then 5 minutes (I think)? Is it defined in the app or cloud?
After setting the water heater power use, the heater element is immediately on/off accordingly (I can see the increased usage through my meter) but still reports the old value for a couple of minutes, making it hard to calculate power values with and without the water heater (power setting may be 2k but the actual power may be 0 if it has already reached the temperature).



Hi @madpet , The Høiax app is going to be deprecated and will receive no more updates due to myUplink launch of their official app. The good news is that the myUplink app was published today so if you install that you can enter the device settings and select a more frequent update time.

Thanks, great news! Then I’m just fine with some tuning there! Also thanks for your awesome work on multiple apps here!