Høiax Connected smart water heaters

Anyone else that want to test the update for Connected 300? I don’t want to publish the fix before someone with a Connected 300 tank has tested that it actually works.

Thank you for a great app! It works very good.

A request for some flow-cards, if this is possible.

I want to control my heater so that it only warms the water at night (when the prices are the lowest), and that it keeps the heat until the morning.

What I want is to say something like: “WHEN temperature is below X, AND date/time is between X and Y, THEN start heating”.

For now, the cards available is WHEN temperature drops…, but this doesn’t activate if the temperature already is below the stated temperature, only the moment it drops below this. This means that when it is night and the temperature is already below X, it will not continue the flow…

It would also be nice if the WHEN state could include a Time-card with “between”, and the AND state could have “temperature is below”.

This is possible already if you use the other trigger:
When date/time is X, AND Logic_card(Temperature is below Y) THEN start heating
And another one to end the heating cycle:
When date/time is Z, THEN stop heating

But I think this one would be more practical:
When time is 22:00 THEN increase target temperature
And another one to end the heating cycle:
When date/time is 6:00 THEN reduce target temperature

Btw. I am half way making a new app that will control all heating sources available to Homey according to your custom plan so that both prices and the new Norwegian power plan (effektprising) is accounted for. I will announce it in here when it is finished as it will simplify controlling the water heater greatly.

Looks good on the 300L now. Great work! Ill try and look into the heat leakage when im going on vacation!

Thanks @Bernt_Espelien, I’ll push out the new version to everyone then :slight_smile:

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As promised earlier the app to control all heating sources in your home to meet the new power tariff in Norway (as well as electricity prices) is now available. It can be installed from here: Sparegris App for Homey | Homey

Please note that the controlling unit of the Høiax connected water heater must be set “Homey” if you want the new app to function correctly.

If you spot any problems or have improvement suggestions please report them in the forum for the other app: Piggy Bank

Getting my 300L in a few days. What options do you have for the effect steps on the 300 L
Manual only gives info on the 200L

According to an earlier post, it seemed to be:
0W, 1250W, 1750W and 3000W

Får feilmelding når jeg skal koble opp appen.

Har en ny 200.


Thanks for the report, I will post an update this evening that fixes this.
Meanwhile, restarting the app might help. If not please wait for the update.

The bug has been fixed in version 1.6.7.
It has been pushed for testing here: Høiax | Homey
If it doesn’t cause any trouble it will be pushed out to everyone tomorrow evening. If you don’t want to wait please feel free to install the test version :slight_smile:

I got this now


Yes, the last one is expected to some degree as I assume yor internet connection is very rate limited based on the original error. Nevertheless, the driver will now retry for eternity to get a connection so this should eventually resolve after a few minutes.

The first one was a bit more surprising though, as it might suggest that the Homey struggle with completing its tasks within time. It might be related with the internet connection issues though.

I might have to make the app more robust to these issues though if this makes the app is very unreliable in your location. Am I correct that this is over a mobile internet connection from a cabin where you only get rate limited when you are not present? If so I could have an away mode that rate limit the device only when the internet connection is expected to be limited. (Allthough it will not resolve the similar issues between your tank and myuplink though, in which I have no control over.)

I’ll see if I get more time to improve this in the evening.

I tryed to reinstall.
Remove, reboot and install beta 1.6.7


I have seen this also…

The app myuplink is working…

And i can see that the settings is changing from økonomic to extern program :slight_smile:

So there is some communicatipn there.



Just got my Høiax 300L installed today and have the same problems as EddieX :slight_smile:
Tried the test version as well.


Alf Jonny

Odd that this happens now for you both at the same time, wonder if they have changed the communication protocol with the newest tanks. I’ll check if there are any updates to the protocol.

Is this a persistent problem for you both or did it resolve during the day? If the failsafe mechanism I added did not resolve this during the day then the protocol must have changed.

@frodeheg, still not resolved by itself. Tried everything basic, like removing tank from Homey App. Reinstall App, still the same. Let me know if there is anything I can assist you with.

Thanks for the feedback. I was planning to add some debug code yesterday to get out more information but unfortunately there was no time. I will do my best to investigate this issue this evening.

I notise that when i install the app and add connect to cloud it actually login one time and change the program from xxx to extern program.

But the app shows error.

This means that there is a some communication

I see that the app settings is missing «Northpool» info…


While I am investigating it, which firmware versions do you have on the tank?
(I think you can find it in the myUplink app under the middle icon at the bottom → “Profil” → “Enheter”. For my tank it says “Versjon: 1.5.6”)