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Thanks the Ariston app!

Will be Ariston Velis Evo Wifi support?

Hi @Krisztian_Gahor,

I’m not against adding new devices, but since I have only one device and no official documentation, I need to be provided with a guest access to your device from the official app so I can test.

Also it could take time since I code on my free time.

To ease the discussions, can you please join the Homey Slack community https://slack.athom.com/ ?

@OlivierZal , i have a Ariston Lydos , will this supported.
i’am happy to pull you code from GitHub and create antoher driver for the lydos.

later on , are you willing to merge the code and publish it in the homey store?

Hi @Mickel_Luiten,

Yes it’s ok for me, and for sustainability I’m also ok to code it myself: it should be simple to add a driver with my current architecture, provided that your device is available here so we can use the “R2” API.

Let’s discuss it on Slack.

Hi Olivier.

I’ve an Ariston Nuos Split inverter (Ariston Group) .

The device is available in https://www.ariston-net.remotethermo.com/ but I cannot get it recognized using your Ariston app. Can you help me with this?

Hi @Marc_Iven,

Can you contact me on https://slack.athom.com/ so we can investigate together?

Kind regards

  • 1 for Ariston Lydos Hybrid Wifi. It seems to be similar features (eco / boost mode / temp).

I can see the appliance in the link provided.

Congrats for starting this Ariston integration, it can be very useful ! :clap: