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Highlighted Flow cards


I’m looking for a way to organize a large list of flows into categories.

I know this is possible by highlighting certain flows, but it’s only possible to get 2 different levels highlighted or not.

My intention is that there can be multiple levels.

This is how I structured my flows. It also has a section about how I use folders

It’s more when programming the app.

In the possibility of choosing the flows.

I understand that English is not your first language but I think you are confusing everyone with the terms you are using.

I think you are talking about cards (trigger, condition and action cards) and how to program them in code?

The term flow relates more to the feature in Homey which I think is why people are giving you the wrong answers.

it’s flows I’m actually talking about.

in the view when creating a program (if , and , then) with the homey editor.

you choose if when the flow starts,
at and nothing
and then for example philips hue

then you have to choose the app first, then the device and then which (then) flow you ultimately want to use.

I want to get that kind of priciepe but it’s a math app for homey that I’m programming so there are no devices and yet I want to subdivide it a bit for the sake of clarity.

It is also possible to put certain flows at the top of the list by highlighting them in the code, but then you have either the most used at the top or the rest at the bottom.

The intention is that the flows are displayed under different titles, although I do not use or have any devices in this app that I am making, because it is a mathematical app that performs all kinds of calculations.

Sorry for my bad english but this isn’t my first language.

I hope you understand a little better now.

But the term is cards not flows.
Flows are what you are calling programs and cards are what you are calling flows.
So you create a flow by adding cards.
In your analogy

You add a then “card” you ultimately want to use.

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It is then a wrong choice of words, but the point is that they are subdivided or displayed more clearly instead of all mixed up.

I am looking for a solution for this when developing my app.

The only way you can do that is to add the math functions as virtual devices so you would choose your app > the math function (or group of functions) as the virtualdevice > the card list assigned to that device.

This is what I thought, it’s a shame that the user has to add the virtual device first to use these cards.
It would be better if the user didn’t have to do this and it was still organized and subdivided in some way.

Then you have to accept that Athom does only provide highlighted or not. More is not possible.

@Jens_De_Smet Looks to me that it would be easier for you, to use HomeyScript for your calculations, they can simply be called in flows in the “AND” or the “THEN” cards.

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FWIW, you can take a look at the H.O.O.P. app. This uses devices just or also for the sake of selectable and categorized flow-cards.