High system load > 100%

Hi Max, i will tjek it when i am home again

I have also high load since I updated to V5.0 :rage:
Keeps rising until Homey is really unresponsive.

Hi, Im brand new to Homey, below 14 days. However I have been pusseled by the high CPU load, as you are. Rebooting helps for some time, however easily goes to beyond 80% again. From time to time killing the updates of my Hue and Tado.
Have tried to delete some app, and it helps a little, however not a lot. And, with no fancy app, then why have a homey at all:-)

However, I have tried to “kill” my iPad/iPhone app evert time I have used it, and seen a effect on CPU. Goes from 80% to below 50% for the average 15 min number.

Maybe not related at all, however the IOS app is running all the time for geo location to work, and it might poll a lot of other information all the time, generating CPU load…

Anybody else with similar expierence?

OK, mine is now solved. It was not the iPad app, however the Hue app. My Hue app updated automatically during today, and the problem was solved right after. My version now is 5.1.1. My previous version was 5.0.4. Along the period I also got 2 updates of Homes, both 5.0.1 and 5.0.2. I beleive the problem is related to versions of Homey vs Hue app